Intimacy Medicine training is ideally suited for medical professionals who want to bring the healing aspects of intimacy into their existing professions.

Intimate Body Work training is ideally suited for individuals who want to make a profession from working with the healing aspect of intimacy.


About The Intimacy Medicine Institute

The Intimacy Medicine Institute is the leading provider of intimacy training both here in Spain and also in a number of selected overseas locations.

The Intimacy Medicine Institute training faculty aims to prepare both medical professionals and complementary medical practitioners for the intimacy aspect of health care. The Intimacy Medical Institute courses' aim is to provide practitioners with the skills and practical knowledge to become valuable members of a team working towards the total intimacy health of living beings.

The idea of establishing The Intimacy Medicine Institute came about as a result of conversations between a group of medical practitioners and complementary medical practitioners resting after a day's teaching in Argentina. The Intimacy Medicine Institute was born on the right time to do the right job for all living beings.

It did not take us long to put together what we consider to be one of the most impressively experienced and motivated training teams available in the intimacy medicine industry. Several professionals have signed up to the faculty and many more are negotiating with us. If you are interested then please make contact with us.

Our training team has been selected not only for their academic qualifications but also for their experience and for their ability to put across their passion and enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. Guest lecturers and speakers are often included in the faculty.

About The Intimacy Medicine Association

The Intimacy Medical Association was recently formed. It allows fellowships of the association on the successful completion of the basic Intimacy Medicine Institute training courses. Do join FIMA and start living the state of intimacy in your professional and personal worlds.