Intimacy Training Courses in Doha, Qatar
and Dubai, UAE in September

The Intimacy Medicine Institute has as its aims:
i) to provide top quality training for medical and complementary medical professionals wishing to utilize intimacy medicine in relation to healing in their work environment.
ii) to provide workshops, private sessions, training courses and opportunities to individuals who are eager to gain insight and skills in intimacy related issues.

Intimacy medicine work is not just based on knowledge and skills, IT IS ALSO ABOUT BEING INVOLVED.

Intimacy Medicine focuses on:
i) the use of intimacy as the ultimate health stabiliser
ii) better management of the healing environment between practitioner/patient as well as life partners
iii) the benefits and rewards of intimacy for all the inhabitants of this planet

Intimacy is not something you do, intimacy is something you are, even if you have forgotten.

We offer a range of courses as follows:
i) Short Intimacy Medicine Course
ii) Basic Intimacy Medicine Course
iii) Advanced Intimacy Medicine Course
iv) Basic Course in Intimate Body Work
v) One Year Full Time Course in Intimate Body Work

Our commitment is to provide top quality intimacy medicine training courses, to set the global standards and stay the leader in this industry.

Making available opportunities for gaining knowledge and the practical implementation therein are the cornerstones of all our teaching and training methods.

The Intimacy Medicine Institute envisions that each and every professional healing practitioner be able to be in a state of intimacy with their patients, free from the fear of self, patients and society.